Updated: 7 June 2016

New/Old Vintage Handsaws for 2016: Here's a small but nice assortment of hand and panel saws in rip and crosscut format.

While most of this batch consists of beater saws (and are priced accordingly), they nonetheless will cut true and fast. I fully guarantee any of these saws to arrive on your doorstep razor-sharp, straight, wood treated, fasteners buffed and ready to put to immediate use. Please allow up to 72 hours upon ordering for shipment.

If you don't see what you want, then another thing to consider is that if you purchase a saw from another source (like eBay), just have the seller ship it directly to me for servicing. I'll turn it around within 3-4 weeks. Just be sure to keep me informed regarding the saw's arrival, and above all, tape your name, shipping address, email & cell to the plate.

Cheers! ~ Mark

24” Disston No. 16 PHILADA (1896-1917) Handsaw, 10 ppi x-cut. 6" at the heel, 1 1/2" at the toe. Nicely repaired upper & lower horns and clean plate, arrow-straight and razor-sharp. This is an exceptionally nice panel saw from my favorite era. $195.


26” Disston D8 USA (early 1950's) Handsaw, 10 ppi x-cut. 6 1/2” at the heel, 2" at the toe. A solid user with great steel & tension in the plate filed for finer cuts. Butt-ugly handle atypical of the era, but solid with no breaks or chips. Hammer-set teeth, and razor-sharp--a great user. $175.

26" Disston 'Great American Special' Handsaw, 10 ppi x-cut. 5 1/2" at the heel, 1 3/8" at the toe. Quite similar to Disston's D23 ship-point saw for use in confined spaces. Another entry-level saw for the budget conscious, but you can't beat the straight plate and sharp toothline.




A note on pricing: These are all quality saws I would happily use in my own shop. But Daddy has a Saw Problem—I can only keep so many before SWMBO lowers the boom (I'm sure you're there too, buddy). At any rate, I price saws to recoup my initial investment, and then get an appropriate return on investment for the 3-4 hours I spend restoring them. If you are interested in purchasing any of the above, please shoot me an email.