My Commitment to You
My Guarantee:

Bottom line up front — I guarantee you will like the tools I sell or sharpen, and will happily refund your money or rework the tool free of charge if you believe it is not up to the standard you expect.


I love old tools, and I think patina is a polite and often overused word for what is essentially rust and neglect. I believe in restoring them to the original owner's and manufacturer's standards of excellence. Henry Disston had an almost fanatical devotion to quality, and his sons kept that standard alive for 80 years after Henry's departure in 1878. I try to bring his and his competitors' old saws back up to the original qualitative intent he ingrained in his manufacturing process; the same goes for other tool industry leaders of Disston's time: North Bros., Goodell Pratt, Millers Falls, Spear & Jackson, Simonds, and the other saw giants. Now that we find ourselves acquiring and selling these tools on eBay nearly a century later, what I try to bring to the table is a very well-fettled tool brought back as close as I can to its original quality. I always provide pictures of the tool in action to convey that they do in fact work the way they're supposed to; the tools you buy from me will be well-restored, and as sharp as I can get them. With my Bad Axe saws, I seek to provide you with a traditional saw sharper out of the box than any other you will find.

Speed of Work:

Originally, my goal was to service your saw with 10 days of receipt, and to send it back to you as soon as I possibly can. Now that I am eyeball-deep in launching my Bad Axe saws, my turnaround time has grown to three weeks. That said, I guarantee you will appreciate how your saw will be correctly jointed, sharpened and set. I do not rush through work, because I believe you should get the highest quality of work from me possible for a professional return on your investment.


I accept PayPal, money order, or check, and respectfully ask that you promptly make payment (within 24 hours of purchase), just as I will promptly make shipment.

About My packaging:

I've always had a pretty strong environmental streak. This goes back to my Boy Scout days, when I was taught to respect the environment, serve the community, and shoot straight (as in hitting your target). Though this philosophy tends to annoy both liberals and conservatives, it's pretty much a Teddy Roosevelt attitude I'm comfortable with. But I digress. I use 100% recycled products for my packaging, which includes the corrugated box, the non-GMO corn-based bracing foam, the indented kraft paper I wrap the saw in, and the wet-activated tape I seal everything up with. A blog posting that describe the companies I use who supply these materials, Salazar Packaging and Adams Foam, can be found here. These are great companies with responsible products friendly to the environment.

Shipping & Handling:

Your purchase will always be incredibly well-packed. I'm sure you've experienced receiving a poorly packed tool which has sometimes broken in transit. I really dislike the kind of seller who will readily collect your money, then ship the item you paid good money for out in a carelessly packed, haphazard manner. With that in mind, you can always count on receiving the tool you buy or get serviced from me in the same condition it was in when I dropped it off at the post office.