Bad Axe DIY 16" Tenon Saw Kit

$175 (immediate delivery)

Bad Axe DIY 16" Tenon Saw Kit:

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Base Price + Options: 175.00

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We have in our inventory what I consider New Old Stock of first-generation supplies that’s just gathering dust. So—for the first and last time, I’m offering kit work for those of you interested who want to brew your own beer. I mean, make your own saw.

Here's what comes in the kit

Download the Instructions and familiarize yourself with the process

Instructions.jpg NOTE: While making a saw is not rocket science, neither is it the faint-hearted. Please download our instructions and read through them before placing your order. There are some tools and supplies you'll need, some of which you'll likely already have in your shop, and some you may need to order.
Download our Instructions  

Hand Measurement

Sizing Handles that Fit Your Hand

Here's my hand: it measures about 3 3/4" across. That's what I'm calling regular, and it will work with a range from 3 5/8" and start getting tight at 3 7/8." Bigger hands just under 4" up to 4 1/8" spans will require the size Large handle. Going the opposite direction, if the span of your hand measures in the 3 ¼ up to 3 1/2" range, then we're looking at a size small handle.

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All Bad Axe Tool Works Saws are highly customizable, and Feature the Following:

  • Highly-figured 19th-century patterned hickory handles, also available in cherry and walnut.
  • Three handle sizes available: Small, Regular & Large.
  • Flush-face slotted sawbolts/nuts in brass or carbon steel finished in optional black-oxide or niter-blue with 13/16" deep-dish decorative medallion.
  • Traditional Folded Carbon Steel sawback.
  • Standard black-oxided or optional titanium-nitrided (TiN)-plated finish on saw backs.
  • Premium-grade Swedish Spring Steel Sawplates, RC50-52.
  • Traditional hammer-set toothline, sharpened to joint.
  • Bad Axe saw re-sharpening rate $25 nominal fee.
  • Lifetime guarantee against all material defects.

Learn more about our material choices and saw design rationale.

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