How to Build a Dynamite Saw Shipping Box with Free Supplies and Pickup at your Door

Isn't it just a royal pain trying to find the right-sized box required to ship a handsaw out for servicing, or to complete an eBay sale? You should see the array of boxes I get, just like this random sampling, lol.



This DIY article will show you how you can procure free, modular boxes sent to your doorstep that are practically custom-made for shipping saws anywhere you need them to go.

And guess what--you’re helping out the United States Post Office in the process. They'll even pick up your box from the front porch doorstep for free!

Here’s how to do it:






Go to this link, and order some boxes, first. The PO will be glad to send a box of 25 or more to your doorstep for free. That’s right. FREE. The type box you want to order is called the O-SHOE BOX, and each box measures 7 1/2" x 5 1/8" x 14 3/8". The PO will deliver a bundle of 25 (or more) to your doorstep for free.

These boxes are perfectly sized in length and depth for packing saws. All you have to do to make them longer is splice them together, like these pictures show.








The biggest advantaget with this method is that you can make your shipping container as long or short as your requirements dictate, so it's a modular system.

One box alone will handle most dovetail saws; two boxes spliced together will handle most back saws, and three spliced together will take care of handsaws

I can pack two handsaws together with this system, and sometimes three, depending on handle width.





Though it's not reflected by the picture on the right, hold off on taping the seams for now until after your saws are wrapped and ready for packing.

Once your box is prepared, simply wrap your saw in accordance with the instructions provided in my 'How to wrap your saw for shipping' article.


Now you can adjust the way your boxes are spliced together, so you'll wind up with about two inches of clearance for top and bottom padding before stuffig the box with void fill. Once you're satisfied with overall length, tape the splice seams.


Here’s the really cool part--after packing your saw for shipment, coordinate for your USPS carrier to come pick up your box from your doorstep the following day for free. That’s right--FREE.

It sure beats standing in line at the post office!







Happy packing, and remember: You don't have to pay an arm and a leg to have UPS do this for you. They'll put your saw in an unnecessarily huge box cram-packed full of peanuts and flick that big booger onto my doorstep, because size matters when you want to charge more for an unnecessary service.








Support your country by supporting the United States Postal Service. They're great!