Bad Axe Tool Works™ Saws. “Every once in awhile a new hand tool comes along and changes the way you work.”

—Tom Fidgen, Author, Blogger, Working Wood
Assorted Vintage Saws. My rehabilitated saws are exceptionally sharp, finely detailed, and meant to be used. Guaranteed woodworking satisfaction.
Sharpening & Restoration. “…this saw graduated from the shelf of the damned to a prized position above my workbench.”

—Chris Shwarz, Editor, Popular WoodWorking and WoodWorking Magazines
Bench Hooks & Accessories. Quality accessories no woodworking arsenal should be without.
Gift Certificates & Misc.. My clients are always asking me, “So Mark—where's the coffee cup, t-shirts and calendars?” Well, haven't put together the t-shirts and calendars yet, but I do swill coffee...
Bad Axe Tool Works Products. I guarantee you will like the tools I sell or sharpen, and will happily refund your money or rework the tool free of charge if you believe it is not up to the standard you expect. Please browse around via the buttons below.