Bad Axe Bench Hook Sets
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Two-Piece Bench Hook Sets:

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$95 per two-piece set

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Bench Hooks are to backsaws what coffee mugs are to drill sergeants...and as indispensable as they are, it's often a pain to make your own when you'd much rather go straight to work on a project as time permits in your busy schedule.

We'd like to offer you one of ours, a nice, two-piece set with pre-cut miters that performs as good as it looks.

Bad Axe Bench Hooks

Compared to other bench hook sets on the market, this one commands a premium price, but you get what you pay for: a square, jointed, falt, and ruggedly-constructed two-piece set with dadoed fences made of quartersawn red oak you'll get double-use out of. When one side wears out, simply flip it over and use the other side.

We think you'll find our bench hook set to be an invaluable accesorry not only for making precise cuts, but as a workholding solution when chopping mortises and dovetails on your benchtop.

And—there's nothing wrong with having two sets in the midst of a busy project: dedicate one set on one side of your bench for sawing, and another setf for your chopping requirements.

Furthermore—we sell our system as a two-piece set. The second piece is essentially a support rest with a shallow walnut strip to keep longer pieces from wobbling or dropping while you're cutting on the business end. It's also pretty handy for minor block plane work when planing smaller pieces of your work.

Tips & Techniques:

  • Stabilizing & Support: Did you install a shoulder vise on your newly-constructed Roubo workbench? Chock your bench hook into it for instant stability. You can just as easily secure your set in a face vise. Let the support piece float wherever you need it to support your work for increased stability.
  • Mortising: Chiseling mortises into larger timbers? Use your bench hook set to stabilize the work in tandem with a couple of holdfasts, and chop away without fear that you'll dig into the beautiful Roubo workbench you just made.
  • Dispense with your miter box: Have repetitive cuts to make with your miter saw? Just dispense with the clunky elevator post miter box, and stabilize your bench hook with a bench dog or a holdfast (or again, your face vise), and make your miter cuts or off cuts using a stop once you have the desired length figured out.
  • Secure big cuts with a holdfast: you'll find that with two bench hook sets, you can securely clamp a timber on your bench for a furniture-grade cut you'd rather not take a power tool to.

Is this something you can make yourself? Absolutely. But what we're selling here is convenience to save a little time when you'd rather be making furniture. But this is not a haphazardly made accessory. All parts consist of select quartersawn stock to mitigate wood movement with seasonal change, and has been rubbed down with boiled linseed oil. All parts are carefully glued together with Titebond III, and the fences are dadoed into place.

Overkill? Of course. But if you're going to spend money on an accessory like this, then it should be bombproof.

All Bad Axe Tool Works Saws are highly customizable, and Feature the Following:

  • Highly-figured 19th-century patterned hickory handles, also available in cherry and walnut.
  • Three handle sizes available: Small, Regular & Large.
  • Flush-face slotted sawbolts/nuts in brass or carbon steel finished in optional black-oxide or niter-blue with 13/16" deep-dish decorative medallion.
  • Traditional Folded Carbon Steel sawback.
  • Standard black-oxided or optional titanium-nitrided (TiN)-plated finish on saw backs.
  • Premium-grade Swedish Spring Steel Sawplates, RC50-52.
  • Traditional hammer-set toothline, sharpened to joint.
  • Bad Axe saw re-sharpening rate $25 nominal fee.
  • Lifetime guarantee against all material defects.

Learn more about our material choices and saw design rationale.

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