Bad Axe Tool Works 10" Half-Blind Dovetail Saw, aka 'The Don Williams Special': $225 (Delivery: 8-12 weeks)

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    "Curse you, Bad Axe Tool Works!"

donConsidering a dedicated half-blind dovetail saw?

Try the version of the saw we built for woodworking educator and scholar Don Williams last Spring, who wanted a dedicated DT to serve as the 'baby brother to his .018-plate dovetail saw, which he felt was too aggressive for finessing the kind of thin stock he frequently worked for clean, delicate, blowout-free cuts. Here are the specs:

  • Plate thickness & fiing: .015 thick Swedish Spring Steel plate filed 17 ppi rip for finessing delicate cuts in thin stock, ranging from 1/4 up to predominantly 2/4 with the occasional foray into 3/4.
  • Depth under the back: 1 1/2" under the back at the heel, canting down to 1 3/8" at the toe. You'll have more than enough plate depth to get the job done, but no so much that you begin to lose rigidity
  • Combined Set: Combined with a clean, crisp hammer-set, the resulting kerf won't exceed .02 for a whisper-thin kerf--again, for delicate work


". . . it was precisely what I had wanted, a baby brother to my other saw, and took a short minute to try it out on a piece of scrap wood. Magnificent. Just the right feel, just the right kerf, just the right cut. There is one flaw to the tool, however, and it is a serious one I will have to learn to deal with. It cuts so precisely and easily that I will not be able to blame any poor workmanship on the tool. It will be all mine. Curse you, Bad Axe Toolworks."

--Don Williams, from The Barn on White Run


"Why do I want this saw?"

First of all, don't buy this saw as your go-to dovetail saw where one typically makes through-cuts with their dovetails in 3/4 stock, or likes to stack drawer sides together to cut all tails for both sides of a drawer first. That sort of conventional dovetailing is where our 12" Stiletto Dovetial saw excels.

Get this saw only because you integrate half-blind dovetails in your work, or focus primarily on 1/4 up to 2/4" stock.

Will it cut 3/4? Of course it will, but that's where cut-friction begins to affect the very limited heat sink of a .015 plate. Too much heat generated by cut friction expands the super-thin metal of a .015 plate--a point lost on many people enamored of

So again--this is a specialty, half-blind dovetail saw for delicate work, and you will love using this tool designed for the purpose it is intended.

Hand Measurement
Sizing Handles: Here's my hand: it measures about 3 3/4" across. That's what I'm calling regular, and it will work with a range from 3 5/8" and start getting tight at 3 7/8." Bigger hands just under 4" up to 4 1/8" spans will require the size Large handle. Going the opposite direction, if the span of your hand measures in the 3 ¼ up to 3 1/2" range, then we're looking at a size small handle. (return to sizing menu)



All Bad Axe Tool Works Saws are highly customizable, and Feature the Following:

  • Custom filing available at same price per request
  • Bad Axe saw sharpening rates $15 nominal fee
  • Highly-figured 19th-century patterned hickory handles, also available in cherry, walnut, maple & mesquite.
  • Five handle sizes available: XS, S, R, L, XL
  • Flush-face slotted sawbolts/nuts in three alloys and four finishes with a 13/16" deep-dish decorative medallion
  • Firearms-quality hot-blued finish on traditionally-folded steel back
  • Optional black or bright nickel carbon steel, brass, copper-plated and bronze saw backs
  • Premium-grade Swedish Spring Steel, RC50-52
  • Traditional hammer-set toothline
  • Lifetime guarantee against all material defects

Learn more about my material choices and saw design rationale.

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