New/Old Vintage Handsaws for Summer 2014
: Here's a really nice assortment of hand and panel saws in rip and crosscut format.. While I have about another half-dozen saws I haven't loaded yet, thought I'd put these up for grabs for now, and load the rest later in the month.

Regardless of pricing, these are all oldies but goodies that will cut true and fast. I fully guarantee any of these saws to arrive on your doorstep razor-sharp, straight, wood treated, fasteners buffed and ready to put to immediate use. Please allow up to 72 hours upon ordering for shipment.

If you don't see what you want, the key thing to remember here is to just shoot me an email if there is a kind of saw with the pitch and size you're looking for. Chances are, I have it. Another thing to consider is that if you purchase a saw from another source (like eBay), just have the seller ship it directly to me for servicing. I'll turn it around within two weeks. Just be sure to keep informed regarding the saw's arrival.

Note: International customers will pay an additional shipping surcharge, between $15-$20 USD, depending on location.

Cheers! ~ Mark

26” Disston No. 12 PHILADA (1896-1917) Handsaw, 11 ppi x-cut. 71/8" at the heel, 2 3/4" at the toe. An exceptional saw great for crosscutting furniture-grade stock to length. Solid applewod handle, full horns, straight plate at near factory-depth, crisp fasteners, faded etch, no nib. A wonderfully-preserved saw close to a century since fabrication, ready for the next century's use. $225.


26” Disston No. 12 PHILADA (1896-1917), 9 ppi x-cut. 6 1/2” at the heel, 2 1/8" at the toe. Well-used, but still a very sound and nice user-grade saw great for breaking stock down to length. Solid apple handle with full horns, straight plate, crisp fasteners, faded but legible etch, and freshly sharpened teeth. A well-preserved saw over a century since fabrication. $195.

26” Disston No. 16 PHILADA (1896-1917) Handsaw, 8 ppi x-cut. 6 1/2 at the heel, 2" at the toe. Beautiful No. 16--one of Disston's finest saws--from the late 19th-century with solid applewood handle, full horns, straight plate, crisp fasteners, nib, and solid etch. Freshly sharpened & retensioned toothline, perfect for breaking down hardwood stock to length. A keeper for any nest. $215.


26"” Disston No. 7 PHILA (1917-1940) Handsaw, 6 ppi rip. 6 1/2" at the heel, 2 1/4” at the toe. A classic ripper filed 6 ppi for furniture-grade cuts when breaking stock down to width. The etch has faded to time, but the nib is present for duty; this is a great saw that will serve you well. $185.


28” Disston D8 PHILADA (1896-1917)) Handsaw, 5 1/2 ppi rip. 7 1/4” at the heel, 2 3/4” at the toe--near factory-depth. This thumbhole ripper has a solid handle with a straight plate, good etch, crisp fasteners, and freshly sharpened toothline. This is a great all-around handsaw for ripping hardwoods and softwoods alike to width. $205.


26” Disston No. 7 PHILAD'A (1887-1896), Handsaw, 7 ppi rip. 6 5/8" at the heel, 2 1/4" at the toe. Beautifully-preserved saw from the turn of the last century with straight-plate, correctly jointed & hammer-set toothline sharpened dedicated rip for ripping furniture-grade stock to width. No etch or nib, but the beech handle is solid with crisp fasteners. This is your go-to saw for fine ripping requirements. $185.


So there's the lineup of my Summer 201 saws. Again, don't hesitate to contact me if you don't see the kind of configuration above that you want; chances are I have it, and just haven't restored it yet to make it ready for prime time. Cheers ~ Mark

A note on pricing: These are all quality saws I would happily use in my own shop. But Daddy has a Saw Problem—I can only keep so many before SWMBO lowers the boom (I'm sure you're there too, buddy). At any rate, I price saws to recoup my initial investment, and then get an appropriate return on investment for the 3-4 hours I spend restoring them. If you are interested in purchasing any of the above, please shoot me an email.