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You're guaranteed to reach me from this page. To the right are some quick notes you might want to consider prior to filling out the contact information below:

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Ordering Bad Axe Products or Services:

Right now my queue is averaging 4-6 weeks for custom-designed Bad Axe saws, 72-hours for saws ready to ship, and 2-3 weeks for vintage saw servicing & repair.

  • The clock starts ticking once you order a Bad Axe saw, or when I take delivery on a vintage saw you have shipped to me for tuning up.
  • Upon receipt of your message or order, I will respond with my own email address to establish correspondence with you, and create a file for your project.

  • How to prep your vintage saw prior to shipping it to me (and save some money in the process):

  • Don't throw good money after bad! Before sending me your saw, conduct the flex test and assess the condition of your sawplate as outlined in my article,'Is My Vintage Saw Worth Tuning Up?'
  • If you're sending a vintage saw for tune-up, please include the handle. Having the complete saw allows me to test the cut for drift.
  • Also—you can save yourself some money if you get rid of the rust on the sawplate, rather than have me charge you extra to do it. Rust removal after sharpening dulls the teeth, and you want a clean sawplate to reduce friction in the cut.
  • I'm starting to edge out of the horn repair service, given that it takes more time than what is profitable for me to do, and it's a great DIY project. If you have damaged horns, let me ship you a chunk of apple wood with instructions on how to bring your handle up to speed.
  • Finally, you'll want to pack that saw up right, so it doesn't show up on my doorstep poking halfway out of the box. Please review my instructions for Pack a Saw for Shipment.

  • Finally--please don't tape up the the toothline. It's just hard as hell to scrub off! Thanks!
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